iPad Live Looping w/ #songrequests (2013.08.14)

The next #songrequests is out! This one takes us to a bit of a slower, more relaxed territory. Suggestions were:

  • coastside, sea shell, ocean, on the pontoon, motorboatin’, sea lion; (with a sample from Benbojangles)
  • pussywillows, poppies, furrbie, schnozzle, spoiled kitties, Babar;
  • Ozzy Osborne, little red Corvette, salt flats;
  • TARDIS, stewardess, falconer, paratroopers;
  • Dracula City cow whippers, Safety Sam, the inner struggle of any Charles Bronson character, Big Jim Slade;
  • Vanilla Sky, despair;
  • chips and salsa, pearl tea, stinky tofu, sushi, hand in cookie jar, funky fried chicken, what Pez dispensers do when they think humans aren’t watching them, Tic Tac, a flying blowfish riding a bicycle

This was definitely on the random side.