Next #songrequests is Tuesday Aug 13


OK, let’s do this again. I’ll start taking suggestions now and sometime Tuesday evening another #songrequests will happen. Send in your suggestions:

Update Aug 12: suggestions so far are completely oddball: ocean, coastside, sea shell, sea lion, vanilla sky, schnozzle, furrbie, coco, louis, on the pontoon, motorboatin’, little red corvette, miko, spoiled kitties, pussywillows, poppies, hand in cookie jar!, funky fried chicken, safety sam, big jim slade, dracula city cow whippers, pearl tea, stinky tofu, chips and salsa, the inner struggle of any charles bronson character, what pez dispensers do when they think humans aren’t watching them, ozzy osborne, babar!, tic tac, a flying blowfish riding a bicycle, stewardess, salt flats, sushi, paratroopers and falconer, despair. I have no idea how I can get most of these in.