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ANI (Amy Lee), a San Francisco Bay Area native, has been doing improvised music since early childhood. Who knew that piano lessons and jazz band would have gotten crossed with her second love: computer technology. But she’s left the comfort of Cubase and Renoise in her home studio to play live sets with ultra-portable iPads, iPhones, and synths. Her music is a blend of beats, chord progressions, and wild synth solos. Every performance is unique and never to be repeated again. She is NOT a DJ.

Her appearances include Y2K Loopfest, NW Loop Fest, and CODAME events. She is also a coordinator of the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup.

Additionally, she works as a software engineer and created this crazy iPad+iPhone synthesizer app: ANILOG.

ANILOG iOS synthesizer



  • Do people call you “DJ ANI”? No. I’m not a DJ. So it’s just “ANI”.
  • Is this your job? No, this is a passion project!
  • Why an iPad? I like the ultra portability compared to all other synthesizers or using the laptop.
  • What kind of music do you play? Whatever I feel like. By myself it’s usually something spacey and jazzy. For a performance however it’s minimum 130 bpm with a four-on-the-floor.
  • Do you plan your music ahead of time? It’s mostly improv figured out on the fly.
  • How long are your sets? 45 minutes is the sweet spot.