Sequenced jam: TEK3

Now it’s off to the early 2010s with a pumping trance techno track. Another sequenced jam with the DSI Rev2 and Renoise. (Drums from various sources.) Awesome “open source” visuals by Beeple:

Featuring Prophet Rev2 patches:

– F2 P116: Swelling Pad
– F2 P42: Bip Bass
– F1 P17: Pizz C Ato
– F2 P43: Ensembull
– F2 P108: Toy Mallet
– F1 P55: Dull Vox Stereo (… badass btw)
– F2 P55: Trancetta
– F3 P50: Flooty
– F1 P114: Muted Pluck
– F1 P46: Sync Bass
– F4 P82: Chorus Copter
– F2 P125: Tinny 80’s

Download the original Renoise project at:

Sequenced jam: Rev2

First test of the new keyboard. I’ve never had an analog hardware synth, so creating new patches (like the drums) are definitely a challenge. EQ was applied only to the percussion tracks, the rest of the sounds are raw.

ANI at Center Street Theater for Y2K17 – 2017.10.22

Yes! Another performance done and a room full of very happy people after jumping around for a little over half an hour. See the performance (lightly edited) and if you like to support the music check out my Bandcamp page. This is the first time I’ve covered any songs (though it was still done improv style!): Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.

And on bandcamp: