Sequenced jam: TEK3

Now it’s off to the early 2010s with a pumping trance techno track. Another sequenced jam with the DSI Rev2 and Renoise. (Drums from various sources.) Awesome “open source” visuals by Beeple:

Featuring Prophet Rev2 patches:

– F2 P116: Swelling Pad
– F2 P42: Bip Bass
– F1 P17: Pizz C Ato
– F2 P43: Ensembull
– F2 P108: Toy Mallet
– F1 P55: Dull Vox Stereo (… badass btw)
– F2 P55: Trancetta
– F3 P50: Flooty
– F1 P114: Muted Pluck
– F1 P46: Sync Bass
– F4 P82: Chorus Copter
– F2 P125: Tinny 80’s

Download the original Renoise project at: