The Current Rig

I’ve been asked how this all hooks up and what I’m currently using:

  • The keyboard controller is an Akai LPK25 which is powered off of the iPad’s USB port. Not all controllers work probably because of their power draw. I’ve found that an Akai LPK25, the MPK25, and the Korg NanoKey keyboards all work fine.
  • MIDI control codes are transmitted over USB to an iPad Camera Kit.
  • The iPad is an old 1.0 iPad running NanoStudio. I have tried other software but NanoStudio has so far been the quickest, least-crashy sequencer.
  • Audio output is transformed in a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 (KP3). I could do looping with the KP3, but it’s not as flexible as NanoStudio’s sequencer.
  • Output is piped into a Behringer Xenyx 502 compact mixer. This lets me change input volume quickly and makes sure I don’t have to learn every new Rane/Pioneer mixer. And if I’m transitioning from the previous DJ/performer I only need to give them 1 stereo input.
  • iPhone output is also fed into the mixer.

UPDATE: see the August 2013 entry for the latest setup!