Sound: keyboard sound effect

New stereo sound recording: ani_hard_typing.mp3 (1.7 MB)

I literally recorded myself typing the following:

<!doctype html>
 <h1>This is eventually going to be on a web page somewhere</h1>
 I am writing this so that it ends up
 on <a href=""></a>.
     function init() {
       alert('I am alive!');

This is available on my account.

Retronyms TableTop device setup (August 2013)

Following on to the whole diagram of my performance rig, here is the device setup when I use Retronyms TableTop:


  • Audio input coming in from the Roland DUO-CAPTURE mk2 can be capture with the Magic Mic device
  • That goes into an X2 Splitter unit, one output going to the Glitchboard, the other to a Verve reverb effect
  • The output of both goes to the mixer, then to the main out
  • Actual audio from the iPad is sent to a real mixer

This lets me glitch the incoming audio or add reverb effects separate to the glitching. And I can control the balance of them in the mixer, though I usually leave the reverb audio at normal because the reverb has a dry/wet mix knob.

The Current Rig plus Lighting (August 2013)

ani_signal_chain_2Here is a chart of the latest rig. Since last October I have been trying to get closer to an all-iPad setup for the main part of the signal chain and I finally reached that point a few months ago:

New to the mix are some visual elements:

I hope this was interesting! 🙂


iPad Live Looping w/ #songrequests (2013.08.14)

The next #songrequests is out! This one takes us to a bit of a slower, more relaxed territory. Suggestions were:

  • coastside, sea shell, ocean, on the pontoon, motorboatin’, sea lion; (with a sample from Benbojangles)
  • pussywillows, poppies, furrbie, schnozzle, spoiled kitties, Babar;
  • Ozzy Osborne, little red Corvette, salt flats;
  • TARDIS, stewardess, falconer, paratroopers;
  • Dracula City cow whippers, Safety Sam, the inner struggle of any Charles Bronson character, Big Jim Slade;
  • Vanilla Sky, despair;
  • chips and salsa, pearl tea, stinky tofu, sushi, hand in cookie jar, funky fried chicken, what Pez dispensers do when they think humans aren’t watching them, Tic Tac, a flying blowfish riding a bicycle

This was definitely on the random side.

Next #songrequests is Tuesday Aug 13


OK, let’s do this again. I’ll start taking suggestions now and sometime Tuesday evening another #songrequests will happen. Send in your suggestions:

Update Aug 12: suggestions so far are completely oddball: ocean, coastside, sea shell, sea lion, vanilla sky, schnozzle, furrbie, coco, louis, on the pontoon, motorboatin’, little red corvette, miko, spoiled kitties, pussywillows, poppies, hand in cookie jar!, funky fried chicken, safety sam, big jim slade, dracula city cow whippers, pearl tea, stinky tofu, chips and salsa, the inner struggle of any charles bronson character, what pez dispensers do when they think humans aren’t watching them, ozzy osborne, babar!, tic tac, a flying blowfish riding a bicycle, stewardess, salt flats, sushi, paratroopers and falconer, despair. I have no idea how I can get most of these in.

#songrequests is music-making by committee

I put out the call this evening on Facebook and Twitter asking for any themes for song suggestions. Boy did I ask for it. The 12 topics that came out of this were:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)
  • clandestine
  • games
  • highwire/trapeze
  • caramel
  • bar, beer — with a sample from Leandros.Ntouni
  • jazz
  • Hendrix
  • post-punk
  • lizards
  • fire cracker — with a sample from OroborosNZ

Yes, I found a way to get them all in there in 1 take. (Yeah, there’s some rough bits but, hey, it was wholly improv and I’m using my new NanoStudio patches.) Take a listen:

We’ll do this again next week!