Gone gone gone


It turns out that the audio feed from last night’s performance at the Retronyms’ release party for Tabletop 2.0 may not have been broadcast. At the very end of the night the input audio cable to the broadcasting computer was found just dangling on the counter, not plugged into anything. 🙁 What that really means is that anyone who was there got a 100% unique experience that will never be heard again.

In my form of art, I think of it like a sand sculpture. It is there to be experienced and after it has been seen/heard it is as quickly erased. I do no preparation of the music and everything is created right on the fly. If you were there during that brief few moments I was playing you got the additional gift of a completely personalized performance—I have been trying to work in audience suggestions too.

As a live musician I believe you owe it to your audience to make that personal connection. They are spending their time and money to come out to see you and to get away from their lives for just a few hours. You give them the gift of entertainment and love. And you do it sincerely—or don’t bother to show up.


Some short video clips survived, but they sound nowhere near as full and rich as if you had been there.