MonoPhoniC: a quick contest entry

This isn’t looping, but was done for a challenge on the iOS Musician Facebook group. The rules were you could only use 2 synthesizers and they had to be monophonic. Also, they needed to make use of arpeggiation.

ANI live looping performance at Y2K13 Looping Festival at Treasures Roadhouse

Taken at the Y2K International Live Looping Festival at Treasures Roadhouse in Corralitos, CA! As always, it is 100% improvised looping with no pre-made loops or beats.

The new trick on this performance is call-and-response melody lines. This was made possible with two iPads running NanoStudio each. No, they are not synced—that would be awesome. The left hand is looping while the right is doing leads and pads.

NanoStudio Patch Bank Demo – 2013.09.22


This afternoon was spent doing a complete re-org of the 61 Eden synth patches I’m using for performances:

00-11: Bass
12-15: “Pure” Synths
16-24: Combo Synths
25-29: Bells
30-38: Leads
39-40: Keyboard
41-47: Strings/Plucked
48-57: Pads
58-60: Miscellanceous

And, I get to test out my new QuNexus. hehee 🙂

Weekly #songrequests: “melancholy” (2013.09.04)


This week’s #songrequests takes us to a slower, more melancholy place. I asked you what instruments I should use and the ones that seemed to fit into this style included: banjo, ukulele, violin, trumpet, water in glasses, hydraulophone, bouzouki, duduk, shenai. I was able to work in some guitar-ish sounds, plucked strings, violin, a lonely-sounding lead, and a glass harp. (The last one is that wine glass sample I captured this weekend.)

p.s. I’d love for you to hear me live! Yes, in the real! Check out my upcoming shows in October:

The Jekyll and Hyde of glasses

This week’s #songrequests includes an instrument request for “water in glasses”. OK, I can do that. So I got out a set of various glasses:



It turns out that the best sounding glass was the wine glass and the weirdest one was actually the champagne flute. How? Compare the crisp ring I was able to capture off the wine glass (then turned into a sample for NanoStudio):

Versus this wild resonance off of the champagne glass:

Both sounds will eventually be available on after they get approved.